Ice Cream Shops & AC – Beat the Heat with these Cool Places Around Lansing

Stay Cool this Summer with Ice Cream/Cold Treats and Air Conditioning in Lansing

Brooks Fam – party of four!

I choose swimming, my sons and hubby usually choose parks. But – if there’s one thing all four of us agree on it’s saying yes to tasty cold treats and playing in air conditioning together. It feels so refreshing to get out of the baking heat and stand up straight again. I’m joking…kinda. You know – that hunched over, almost panting, look that kids have after running and playing in almost 100 degree weather? Yeah, that one.

Cold waters all around? Check!

Even better, when we mention grabbing an ice cream together as a family their sweet little faces light back up again. Then, we’ve hit the trifecta if I proceed with “want to go play at the library or museum”?!

kalamazoo Valley Museum

Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and Cold Treat Options in Lansing

I’m always game for ice cream. In fact I’ve had to stop buying it on my grocery trips because I truly have a hard time keeping it in the freezer for more than well…I don’t need to embarrass myself today now do I? You get the idea. Ice cream shop trips with the kids are special for them and now, for this momma bear. There’s something about Michigan summers and ice cream on a patio that feels right.

Here is our list of places you can find Ice Cream shops in your hood and around Greater Lansing when you’re out and about.

Scoops Old Town Lansing Ice Cream Patio with Kids MSU Dairy Store

West Lansing to East Lansing/Okemos Ice Cream Shops

Scoops/MSU Dairy Store

Located in Old Town in an old station building. MSU Dairy – need I say more?

Arctic Corner

Located in Old Town and a city staple. We love this place for its nostalgia and delicious soft serve.

Horrocks – Iorio Gelato

Allergy Friendly

Located on the north end of the building.

Horrocks added a gelato shop and boy is it tasty. Try samples until you find the one you love.


These guys have a drive thru. Marvelous – Ice Cream on the go.

MexiCone – Don Panchos

Get ready for a fun and delicious experience. They recently added more seating. Try the elotes if you want to give a party to your taste buds.

Capitol City Scoop

Perfect for nights downtown after kayaking or a game at Lugnuts Stadium.

Unicha Sweet

Hand rolled ice cream and lots of other fun treats.

Frosty Corner


Dairy Queen

Quality Dairy

Menchie’s Eastwood

Try something fun after a movie or while shopping in this heat.

Hawk Island Snack Bar

The perfect combo! Play in the splash pad, lake, playground, or take a walk – then grab something cold from their snack bar. My sons love it because they have snow cones.

MSU Dairy Stores:

Two locations: 1. Union Building 2. 474 S Shaw Ln, East Lansing, MI 48824

Tasty Twist

Iorio Gelato

Insomnia Cookies

Open late!

Cold Stone

Sugar Berry

Three locations: West Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos.

Allergy Friendly

Build your own creation with toppings and different flavors.

Gusto Gelato

Located at 1982 W Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI 48864

Mexi Cone Lansing Ice Cream Shops Kids

 Grand Ledge/Charlotte Ice Cream Shops


Gluten Free Options

Kids love this spot because of the view of the river.

Corner Cone

A local mom reports this is her favorite. She says this has delicious flavors.

Cold Stone


This place is more than a stop for ice cream. It’s an experience!

Tasty Twist

102 Lansing St, Charlotte, MI 48813

Scoops N’ More

108 S Washington St, Charlotte, MI 48813

Fay’s Evelyn Bay

Dewitt/St. Johns Ice Cream Shops


Allergy Friendly

We love the mochi, sorbet, and outside seating here.

Scoopy Doos

Ask about their peanut butter sauce. Ahhhh makes me want to head there now.

OhMI Organics

What a FUN place! They have all kinds of yummy combos and treats.

DeWitt Golf Center

Putt Putt + Ice Cream = a great day had by all!

Cold Stone

JJ Frozen Yogurt


1050 Superior Dr, St Johns, MI 48879

Holt/Mason/Williamston/Haslett Ice Cream Shops

Edru Soft Serve Drive Thru

A fun and great way to end a fun time of skating, or an easy drive thu cool down if you’re on the go.

Dairy Hill

Daily Scoop

Super Twist 

575 Cedar St, Mason, MI 48854

Sweet Sensations

Dairy Dan


204 E Grand River Ave, Williamston, MI 48895

Baskin Robbins

Classic, delicious, go-to goodness.

Horrocks Gelato Kids Ice Cream Lansing

Where Kids Can Play Indoor in Air Conditioning

I’d love to point you to our indoor play guide but not all of them have air conditioning. We’ve been close to the 100’s lately and sometimes being outside isn’t the most appealing. I’m ALL ABOUT being outside in the summer but even I can admit that we need some indoor options at times. Here are some indoor choices for kids to play and run around while beating the heat this summer.

MSU Museum East Lansing Kids Free Fun

Indoor Play Options with Air Condition for Kids in Greater Lansing

Michigan Historic Center/Museum

This is number one on the list because I love that it’s an ever moving “river”. The kids keep moving forward and seeing fun new things making it a great spot for on the go kiddos. It’s also a wonderful spot for older kids who love to read all of the detail and learn as they play.

Play East Lansing

This fun spot is nice when you’re wanting a place for your kids to play without lots of stress and movement for yourself. Bring a friend with you to chat as the kids get out their energy.

Mother & Earth Baby

Check out their fun events or stop for their play area while you look around and shop.

Fenner Nature Center

Nature centers are high on my go-to list because both my kids and I have so much fun wondering the trails, and hanging out learning in their welcome centers. Add the fact that Fenner is air conditioned and it’s a play haven. Their interactive stations plus their outdoor grounds could be an all day visit.

Red Cedar Gymnastic

All I can say is “FUUUUUUUN”! If you haven’t been here yet, give it a try. I promise you’ll love it.

District Five

Jumpin Jax

Springz Lansing Kids Jumping Indoor Air Conditioning


My husband made a joke after we left Springz for our son’s 3rd birthday. “It’s like Vegas for kids”. Their are no clocks and the amount of tickets you accumulate after playing in their arcade is so much fun. You’ll have a blast here – but plan to check your watch from time to time.

Zap Zone


Delta District LibraryCADL (locations all around Greater Lansing), Okemos, Grand Ledge, East Lansing

Libraries – we love you! Educational, play options, great atmosphere, fun events planned every week, and all FREE. What more could we ask for?!

Time Out Play Cafe


Take the kids to play in their tree house for a small fee and get some “you” time. It’s hard to explain this place because it almost sounds too good to be true. It’s all true and you’ll want to tell others after you go too. Will you let me know what you think if you try it out?

The Mall:

Talk with friends as your kids play at the  play areas in Lansing and Okemos. We like to grab coffee’s and snacks at Barnes and Noble in the Lansing Mall as it’s right in front of their entrance. Good plan, Barnes and Noble, good plan.

Jolly and Dunkle McDonalds Lansing

McDonalds Play Areas:

Three locations:

Jolly & Dunkel: 2530 E Jolly Rd, Lansing, MI 48911 (pictured above)

 3135 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Lansing, MI 48910

7240 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917

Burger King Play Area:

3121 E Saginaw St, Lansing, MI 48912

Castaway Play Cafe

MSU Museum

A great place to play and roam before or after the MSU dairy store or walk through the gardens.

Edru Skate Ice Cream Soft Serve Ice Cream Kids

Edru Skate

Kids love Edru! They even have little sizes for 2 year olds. Do the chicken dance and don’t forget their drive thru snack bar as you leave.

Tree House

Extreme Fun:

Okemos and Lansing


MSU Union Building (Bowling and an MSU Dairy Store located in the same building)

Spare Time Lansing (Bowling, laser tag, arcade, and more.)

Royal Scott (Bowling on Lansing’s west side)

City Limits East (Bowling on the east side)

Lansing Mall Play Area for kids babies toddlers

Where Do You Like to Beat the Heat in Lansing?

Do you have an ice cream/frozen treat shop we should add to our list? Or how about a fun indoor play place we haven’t visited yet? I’d be happy to get them on the list to help more families like you and I around Lansing.


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